Player of the Month

In the season 2023-24, we are starting an initiative to proclaim the best players of each month and, ultimately, of the season. The aim is to promote players' outstanding efforts regardless of their position in the team. It is expected that the marks received will motivate them to continue their hard work and play even better - all that with an objective to have a successful championship season for the club.
After every match, three to five most experienced members (former players) of the FC Mamer 32 make notation of each player, for the game presented in that particular match, with marks ranging from 4 to 10. Then the average mark is calculated and rounded to the nearest 0.5 points. All marks are publicly presented on club's social media channels (Facebook and Instagram). At the end of the month, an overall average is drawn, and the players are ranked top down.

Player of the Month - August 2023

Player of the Month - August 2023

The third best goalscorer of the league last season, with 25 goals, Mickaël Jager continued in 2023-24 impressively: two goals against Medernach and two key passes against Steinsel. His excellent play and efficient execution earned him an average mark of 7.95.
Second and third place are taken by our wingers: Igor Teles Santos (7.65) and Kevin Madeira (7.45). Their swift attacks and great ball skills produced many key passes, of which several lead to goals.
Very near the top three is Nuno Fernandes (7.40), whose dominance in defense allowed him to start building more than a few successful attacks. We finish the month of August with an offensive midfielder, Rabbi Figuiera (7.30), a newcomer in the team who has quickly harmonised with our attackers and also scored a goal.

Player of the Month - September 2023

Player of the month - September 2023

In September, our Seniors team had a win, a draw and a loss (fourth match was not ranked). Such distribution of results meant that in each match a different part of the team was more successful. Therefore, the best players of the month are widely distributed by their roles.
The Player of the Month is a defender Nuno Fernandes (8.16), who continued with reliable games from the beginning of the season. On second and third place are our offensive midfielders Igor Teles Santos (7.81) and Marck Amoakon (7.79), which participated in the creation of most goals.
On a very small distance in average marks they are followed by a goalkeeper Arthur Rao (7.72) and another defender Rachid Erragui (7.69).